Some of the services we offer.

Mobile App Development

From small start-ups to large corporations, we've designed, built and improved apps for both smartphones and tablets.

Augmented Reality Services

From mobile apps to full-scale installations, we can advise and deploy your augmented reality vision using techniques we've mastered over years.

Rapid prototype design

Have a product or design in mind, but don't want to invest extensively in creating it? We can create working prototypes for you and provide guidance in bringing the prototype to production.


Have a problem that you need more hands-on help? Need someone to just guide you in the right direction? Don't worry, we're here for you.
Our Experience

Some of the companies and brands we've worked with

Built Speed Dialer and Circuit News apps. Both apps address a need to consume internal resources (news or conference call support).”

Designed a built a multi-modal augmented reality system that utilized a multi-touch table-top in conjunction with a motion tracking system, a video see-through Head Worn Display, mobile devices and connections to numerous location-aware datasets to create an exploratory urban visualization with informatics represented as placards in the environment. Video available here. 

Built several applications per client specifications. Examples of projects realized:  a gym class scheduling app, real-time trivia application and an implementation of a video/photo microblogging app.”

Collaborated in MySport – The Social Network of Sports. Built a draggable profile interface, custom video editor with draggable user interface, camera and image filter support, as well as a number of other performance improvements and customizations.

Provided development services on-demand. Worked with different brands managed by companies such as GSK, Limited Brands and Nestle.”

Built and designed (from a software standpoint) GSK’s ViiV application. The application is used by GSK for educating individuals about the spread of HIV and AIDS throughout the years, and GSK’s treatment efforts of the same.”

Worked on Victoria’s Secret PINK applications on iOS (for both iPhone and iPad). Served as quality control over critical parts of the UI while concurrently working on improving the UI experience, speed, and the implementation of other assorted features.

Designed, implemented and deployed both a key food ordering application that was designed explicitly to guide users to order their food quickly and reliably, as well as the architecture that powers the app and its content. Every element of the app is designed to be customizable in through an administrative portal. Currently deployed at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.”

Developed LED Wall design and development, as well as overall booth design for New York Comic Con. Designed and implemented portable booth design and decorations for comic-cons at remote locations.

Projects currently ongoing”.

Re-engineered the Inkable iOS app. Inkable is a social network designed for printers. Implemented current UI/UX, improved photo editing by adding stickers and borders, improved photo drawing functionality both in terms of speed and accuracy, integrated AirPrint support, coordinated development with back-end and Android developers to create additional features across all platforms, as well as other improvements and features.

Worked on Emoji Paint, a canvas-drawing application that uses emojis as the foundation of its artwork.

Other projects currently in progress.

Implemented Text-to-Speech engine on Spotlight Text eReader, along with VoiceOver support, recreating a similar VoiceOver experience as that found in Apple’s iBooks app.

Rapidly developed a prototype application with a turnaround time of 3 weeks, from initial wireframes to final prototype design. Ensured that current prototype design was ready for production development. Prototype functionality and application currently under NDA.

Other projects currently ongoing.

Providing technical training services and taught course Introduction to Engineering Design and Software Development to teams within HBO.

Built Nosemouth. Nosemouth is an image processing application that gives the user the ability to elongate their nose such that it covers their mouth. Built entire application and image processing algorithms necessary to carry out client’s vision for the app.

Projects currently ongoing.

Projects currently ongoing.

Augmented Reality consulting on a number of projects current under NDA.

Who we are


Dedual Enterprises (or DeEnt, for short) is a growing technology company located in New York City.

Founded in 2008, we are currently focused on designing and creating solutions for clients in the fields of mobile applications, augmented reality and other burgeoning technological markets.

We are always on the lookout for any interesting challenges to tackle, and barriers to overcome.

And we love helping people solving problems.

It’s a compulsion.

Feel free to reach out to us. We’re always eager to talk tech and shoot ideas over coffee with other developers and entrepreneurs.


And if you like comic books, may we suggest these guys? They seem to know what they’re doing.