Below are some of the projects we’ve made for our clients.

Mobile Device Development

GeoSecret Splash Screen


Platform: iPhone. Delivered: Spring 2009

GeoSecret provides a service through which people will be able to anonymously share their most private moments or information, which we call “secrets”. Users can share their secrets by either posting text directly to our services, or by taking a picture on a place of interest and embedding text to this picture. Users are said to be “dropping” their secrets in the world, and these secrets would be accessible to others utilizing our services.

At the time, GeoSecret was designed so that it was able to integrate easily with websites like That way, GeoSecret is able to access and utilize the data provided by this websites as its own. While such a decision will make it appear as if GeoSecret is a client of these websites, GeoSecret was more than that. None of the websites at the time currently provided a means by which multimedia can be transmitted along with the “secrets”, and few provided geographical data along with these secrets.

We believed that these new features would provide users with additional methods by which they can expand their ambient awareness, enriching their experience by facilitating a user’s understanding of a particular event or “secret”. Furthermore, since we store all of the information, pictures and secrets posted through GeoSecret and since we control what information is uploaded to each website, we are able to utilize the information we acquire to build our own database and create a completely independent service.

View of GeoTour Tour application in action


Platform: iPhone. Delivered: Summer 2009

GeoTour is a tour guide prototype, designed to guide users across parts of a city (in this case, the Upper West Side of Manhattan) in order to access media (like audio tours and video segments) tagged and only accessible at specific locations throughout the city. Users were able to see a mapped view of these points of interest, as well as a list sorted by distance closest to a user. At specific distances away from a point of interest, GeoTour triggered a sonar-like sound that increased in intensity as the user made their way closer.




Augmented Reality Projects

Platforms: Microsoft XNA, GoblinXNA, iOS and Android. Delivered: First Part, Summer 2010, Second part: ongoing

Image of Statue of Liberty augmented on display

This project highlights development of several multi-modal, multi-user interfaces for use in urban planning and architectural visualizations. It utilizes as a central, interactive display, the Microsoft Surface, which serves as a communal area where data can be shared among several users. We also utilize mobile devices, such as smartphones and netbooks, as well as head-mounted displays (HMDs), to augment the user’s experience by providing information desired by the user and ensuring it is only visible by that user.

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